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About Us

About Billi Design

Founded in 1993, for 2 decades of experience, Gift & Home Company has become a leading manufacturer of wooden kitchenwares in Thailand under the renown brand “BILLI®” exporting all over the world.

Our product ranges cover from standard items for daily usage like cutting board, serving tray or bread box to decorative items and more sophisticated products with glass or other selective components.

Function, Quality & Design are key elements you can always find in BILLI® products. Our wooden parts are available in rubber wood and acacia wood with very low moisture level, hence free from fungi and crack.

Glass and other components have been only sourced from the best producers in Thailand as exclusivity basis. So, for many items you find herein, you will never find elsewhere.

BILLI® quality is unbeatable. Design might be something the others are trying to imitate ours, but quality is definitely different. If the flawless woodenware is what you are looking for, here we are.

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Mr. Suchai Sangteerasintop
Managing Director
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